Starting My Blog

December 23rd, 2020

Starting a blog that I should have started years ago. Tears and sweat, anxiety and vertigo. Centered, willing, dedicated and exploring all possibilities. What is my art about? Why do I create? What is my role as an artist? Who is my audience? 

What I know: an urge to express, an urge to create, yearning to share and wanting to be seen, building intuitive pathways, allowing the art to be created, fascination in what I make and surprise in what I see in my art as it develops.

I have been adamant about not planning and not trying to make a certain form with my mind while making art. I have found that when I let go and authentically express my emotions through colors and forms that inspire me, something is created that feels greater than me, greater than my mind, greater than my awareness. When it is completed, it is as if the universe is staring back at me, speaking to me, illustrating stories and metaphors through the mystery of shape, color and form.

In art, within the chaos, the unplanned, the emotional, and the storm, form is created. I did not plan the forms before I started creating them. That is the most exciting and interesting aspect of the creative process for me now, to observe what forms are created through my intuitive and emotional expressions, somewhere just out of reach of my awareness… until it takes form.